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Types of Car Spare Keys It doesn't matter if you lost your car keys while shopping, or put it away while you were getting your coffee. Keep a spare key in your bag and be sure to check the areas where you are likely to leave your keys prior to leaving. Grocery stores such as Save Mart and H-E-B have self-service key duplication equipment that can duplicate house keys, and sometimes keys for cars and key fobs. For more information and current key prices, visit their website. Valet keys Valet keys allow the vehicle to be driven, but they cannot unlock the trunk or glovebox. They are usually a cheaper alternative to a regular replacement key. They are typically employed by hotel valet attendants and mechanics at repair shops to gain access to the vehicle of a customer. They can also be employed by private parties to gain access to cars if the remote key fob battery of the owner fails. The primary reason to use a valet key is to deter theft. Valet parking attendants are known to take their customers' vehicles on fun rides. The valet key serves as an effective deterrent, making it more difficult to take the car. Valet keys can also be useful for those who often leave valuables in their car boot or glovebox. Modern valet keys have remained in the original functions of key locks from the past, and they can still unlock a door for drivers, but not the lock on the center console or in the trunk. Certain luxury cars come with security features, such as a limited power output. This prevents the vehicle from being started using the key unless the engine has been switched off. These features are a great starting point but the valet key has its shortcomings. Some thieves know the limitations of these key fobs and can make them open using the use of a bar. Additionally, some valet keys have locks that are less secure than the normal replacement key fobs. In car spare key maker , a valet key will not function as planned, particularly if it's been damaged or dropped. The key could stop working suddenly and the owner will have to call an expert locksmith to repair it. It is important to make sure that you have a valid spare key in the event of this issue. Visit your local Mister Minit to get a duplicate if you require an additional key for your car or lost your Attendant Key. When you visit Mister Minit to get your car key, it is important to know the YEAR and MAKE of the vehicle you are using. Traditional Keys Traditional keys are simple around the edges and are easy for locksmiths to make. They do not have a transponder, so they do not require encryption. They are made of brass or nickel and are therefore more durable. They are also able to be able to withstand rough handling and usage. A spare key can prevent you from losing your vehicle and going through the hassle of changing the key. Keep it separate from your keychain to make it easy to find. You can even leave it with a friend or family member who you can trust to drive your car in the event that you ever lock yourself out. Many hardware stores and national chains of home improvement offer key duplication services at affordable prices. The KeyMe machine is generally available at these stores. It allows you to easily duplicate your keys from standard to modern in a matter of minutes. You can find an outlet near you by visiting their website. Some stores also create key fobs for push button start cars. It is best to call ahead before heading to a store that offers these services. You can also check online to see what kind of keys they can make. Some locksmiths may not be able make keys for high security locks. You will need to replace your smart key at the dealership if you own one. They'll need to verify that you are the owner of the vehicle before they create a new one for you. They will require proof of ownership like the registration or title to prove that. If you have an old key, you can go to an auto parts store or locksmith. Both will be able to make an exchange key quickly and at a reasonable price. They can duplicate your original key or provide you with a blank, programmable key. They will need the year, make, and model of your vehicle to accomplish that, so you will want to have that information on hand if you're planning on going to these locations to get your spare key made. Transponder Keys Unlike traditional keys, which utilize metal contacts to open the lock or start the car, transponder keys feature an electronic microchip built into the head of the key. When the key is activated, this microchip sends a low-level signal. This signal contains a digital serial number that is matched with the key's code in the car's computer system. When the correct code is matched the immobilizer in your car disarms so that the engine can start. Transponder keys are not only more secure, they also make it difficult to duplicate a car key. Some cars will not start if you use the wrong key (except for keys that aren't transponder). They are therefore the best choice if you want to minimize the risk of your car being taken or copied. If you lose your car transponder chips keys or if they're stolen, it's crucial to have a spare key made as soon as you can. Many automotive locksmiths can replace your key fob, or design an empty switchblade key that can be linked up with your original key. Transponder key replacements can be a costly undertaking However, it's typically less expensive than paying to have your car towed and recovered following theft. It can also be quicker than going to the dealership. In addition to re-making the broken or lost key an automotive locksmith may also repair damaged ignitions and other components in your vehicle. They can also create duplicate keys for most kinds and models of automobiles and are therefore the best choice if you need a spare or have lost yours. It is essential to store your spare car key in a safe place, not attached to your keychain. This will help you avoid accidentally misplacing or losing it in the first place, and will help you locate your car if you're in a hurry. If you're concerned about keeping your spare car key visible, keep it in the car's dashboard or inside a secret compartment. Remote Keys Modern cars need keys in addition to a traditional metal car key. A key fob is a small transmitter that appears more like an iPhone than a real car key. Key fobs are able to unlock and lock your vehicle by pressing one button. It also allows you to start your car remotely. Some cars even offer the option of “summoning” your car by pressing a button much like Tesla's summon feature. This is useful when you have to squeeze into a tight parking space. Sometimes, keys to cars fail to function at the worst time. You could be at a petrol station, on your way to get groceries, or simply returning home from an exhausting day. put your keys down for just one second only to realize that you didn't bring a spare key along with you. This can be a nightmare! Most of our stores can repair and replace keys on the spot. If your vehicle is equipped with remote keys, they has a chip which needs to programmed. The majority of Mister Minit's locations have the necessary equipment to duplicate your transponder key. We can duplicate your transponder car keys while you wait. This usually takes less than 30 minutes. There is plenty of time to complete around before you pick keys. You'll need to bring your current key in order to have it duplicated at one of our stores. We will require the year, MAKE and MODEL of your car in order to duplicate the correct key or fob for your specific vehicle. If you are having trouble with your car keys, or if you're just looking to get a spare key made to ensure your safety, visit your local Mister Minit store today. We have the expertise and tools to design an extra key that will last for the rest of your life. Just be sure to keep it somewhere safe!